Down and Out

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Project Description:

“Down and Out” was created specifically for the OPEN “survival” International Performance Art Festival, Berlin Aug 29-Sept 7 2014

Arrive in a foreign city where I don’t know the language, culture or people. On August 25th upon arrival at Tegal Airport, Berlin, I will put all of my valuables into a locker (wallet, passport etc) and immediately hit the streets and try to survive for 7 days and 7 nights. I will use my social skills, intelligence and whatever means possible to scrounge up food, shelter and keep myself alive in Berlin until 11am September 1st. I will Record my encounters with the people I meet which will be like taking the pulse rate of this city. How does Berlin treat it’s homeless, how compassionate are they, how clever or dumb is Myk in his mission to survive? Tune in every day and watch his progress or demise.

The rules of “Down and out” are as follows:

Not permitted: I cannot frequent places where I know people. I cannot accept help from friends. I cannot stay in the same place for more than one night. If I have to resort to stealing food the merchant will be reimbursed once the project is over. The project will be terminated if I am pulled in by the police and they threaten to deport me because I am not carrying papers and they refuse to go to the locker at the airport to retrieve my passport.

Permitted: The clothes on my back, video camera, interviews with camera person, one hour a day of video footage can be shot and any
images which I shoot can be transferred to video editor. I will allow myself sanctuary for the opening dinner on August 29th but will have to hit the streets again afterwards for the remaining 3 nights.

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