The bulk of my work is made up of three areas, which are all strongly related, namely; collective projects, installations and performances.

My work in general is about briefly disrupting the routine of daily life and through this process revealing popular cultural illusions. I work regularly with the mediums of installation, sound sculpture, video and performance, often combining these artistic languages in the creation of one work. Each new project feeds off the knowledge gained from previous pieces and helps in my personal understanding of human nature as well as laying the foundation for future work. Whether the medium being used is performance, video or installation, I maintain an underlying thread of provocation, which is used as a tool to establish a different sense of cultural awareness.

You’ve got to provoke people to get them to move
Joseph Beuys

Being dissatisfied with the static object’s limitations to create an intercultural experience, I began adding elements of sound, text, movement and video to my work. This eventually led me into the area of performance art, which has become my principal medium of expression. Today my live work is about the moment when the human body becomes the object of interest, focusing collective attention on a particular human habit, taboo or value. I use the body as a catalyst to draw attention to certain aspects of societal behavior that have been ignored, replaced, forgotten, repressed or forbidden.

I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than just sit on its ass in a Museum. I am for an art that grows up not knowing it is an art at all, an art given a chance of having a starting point at zero.
Claes Oldenburg

Having always been interested in people and their movement in everyday life it seemed insufficient to make statements about daily routine without having the actual body present in the work. The area of performance provides me with the opportunity to interact with the public and to respond in the present time, to popular cultural opinions.

One of the fundamental objectives of my live work is to break through the invisible cultural and social barriers and bring the spectator to a heightened level of awareness of their own personal feelings and viewpoints. My work often requires the participation of the public. It is important that both the artist and spectator be directly involved in the questioning process. The audience plays an integral part in the work and become the decision-makers, the driving force as well as providing the unexpected element.

I often choose the street as the space in which to create a performance reducing the line between fiction and reality to a minimum. The street becomes the stage and the public frequently mistakes these actions as being bonafide so that the line between life and art becomes indistinct. I am especially interested in the thin divide between these two areas and through my artwork try to investigate the gauge of this boundary.


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